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Physically handicapped children – Language defect

Usually linguistic defects are from birth. If they are attended to in initial stage itself, they can be solved, else they may create environment adjustment problem for such children. Different types of language disorders are:

Speech disorder

  • Stammering
  • Shuttering
  • Pronunciation defect
  • Defect in sentence structure

Their needs

  1. Usually these defects are received through genes itself. If recognized in initial stage, they can be improved to large extent.
  2. They should be given practice of pronouncing new words, for which they should be made aware of meaning of new words.
  3. Good language should be insisted upon.
  4. More interaction should be emphasized with… (51 more words) …

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Physically handicapped children – Deaf and partially deaf

There are many causes for this disability.

  1. Deaf since birth.
  2. Accidental deafness.
  3. Deafness due to occurrence of any serious and chronic disease.
  4. Deafness caused due to hurting and tearing of eardrum.

Their needs

  1. First row in classes should be allotted to partially impaired children.
  2. Visual methods should be used to teach them sign language.
  3. They should be facilitated with hearing aids.
  4. Totally deaf children should surely be taught sign language through visual teaching methods.
  5. Such vocational training as to become self reliant must be given to them.
  6. Enough opportunities for developing their talent should be given to them.
  7. Sympathetic behavior… (11 more words) …

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