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Who are Disadvantaged Children?

Section 2 (d) gives a list of inclusion of disadvantaged students which comprises of SC/ST and other socially and educationally backward categories based on cultural, economical, social, geographical, linguistic, gender or other categories that the appropriate governments can separately notify. Section 2 (e) defines the weaker section children who are those whose parents’ annual income is minimum base as per government norms. The lists of disadvantage children are:

1. Physically handicapped or disadvantaged children

  • Blind and partially blind children
  • Deaf and partially deaf children
  • Crippled children
  • Orthopedic disability -Dental defects and -Webbed fingers
  • Stuttering and stammering. (Language defects)
  • Muscular dystrophy… (44 more words) …

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Physically handicapped children – Blind and Partially Blind

Some children are born blind; others get blind due to some accidental reasons while still others are partially blind. The growth of these children is not normal as other children due to which they feel inferiority in comparison to others and develop negative attitude of themselves and their life.

Their needs

  1. It is the duty of teachers to recognize the existence of partial blindness in students by recognizing its symptoms as child continuously rubbing his eyes or has cross eyes, or is finding difficult to read and write.
  2. Parents and society should be generous and behave sympathetically to reduce behavior… (293 more words) …

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