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Legislative Actions

  • The ending years of 20th century was a change about for such disabled people, as three legislations were enacted during this period.
  • The Persons with Disabilities Act, enacted in 1995, worked for giving an equal opportunity to such people in education, employment and vocational training, reservation, research and human resource development so that they may live an independent life.
  • The Rehabilitation Council of India was formed under the Rehabilitation Council of India Act, 1992 which was later amended in the year 2000. This was started with the main objective so that it can frame, standardize, monitor and grant recognition… (108 more words) …

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Education, Training and Employment

  • Education to such disable children is provided in many ways, starting from special schools to their inclusion in absolutely normal schools. Statistics show up presence of over 3000 special schools in India, of which 900 are schools for the ones having hearing disability, 400 having visual defect, 700 suffering from loco motor disabilities and 1000 for the intellectually disabled.
  • Government started a program known as Integrated Education for Disabled Children in which current enrollment shows more than 50000 beneficiaries.
  • Some of these schools even have specially trained teachers for special children but unfortunately, these services are very scarce.
  • Children with… (108 more words) …

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