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Disabilities: Background and Perspective

It has been reported that almost 5 - 10 % of Indians are physically or mentally impaired. It is necessary that rehabilitation is given so that they can live their life, being self-reliant, instead of believing that they are burden on their families or society. Much has been done on policy grounds but the existence at ground level is rare as such people are still looked at with hatred.

Understanding Disability

  • There are many meanings attached to the word ‘disability’ depending upon the society that prevails in different areas. Other words as ‘impairment’ and ‘handicap’ are also used as synonyms… (241 more words) …

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What Inhibits Learning?

Difficulty in learning is caused due to stress, some visible and some not.

  1. Developmental disability of feeling, or sense problem of nerves, lack of voluntary movement or touch and unable to communicate.
  2. Electrical less consumption of water, air or more and unusual access to external EMF’s (electromagnetic fields)
  3. Nutritional lacking protein, amino acids and fatty acids, or prevalence of high carbohydrates and sugar diets.
  4. Medical light weight born baby, any allergy, ear infection, insomnia, or has been prone to abuse, is blind or with poor vision.
  5. TV, computers and video games If any violent act is learnt, or communication gets… (503 more words) …

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