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Socialization Process

Socialization is a process in which a human being grows socially. A child learns social behavior from his adults that is way of behaving with others, way of dressing up, eating and living in the society. This socialized behavior; he carries along with him for the rest of his life. He performs his unique and effective role in the society when he is appropriately socialized.

Factors in Socialization

Socialization involves several important factors

  1. Social interaction Interacting socially is an organized psychological process, which is exercised by imitation, suggestion and sympathy. Imitation, one of the characteristics of social interaction, is copying someone else’s behavior in your own style which develops a unique aspect of your personality. Suggestion by others also indulges a person in interaction. Moreover, the third characteristic, sympathy, helps one individual to empathize with other and this helps the person to initiate conversation.
  2. Social perception An individual’s perception regarding the world and other people is formed on the basis of environment in which he is brought up,… (492 more words) …

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Major Determinants of Socialization Process

Many factors develop a person socially. One factor cannot affect entire life of a child. It is the aggregate of determinants which form him.

1. Family This agent of socialization has the largest and most influential share in forming personality of a child. It is the parents and the family members from whom the child starts learning and this learning continues for his entire life. The morals and ethics given by the family forms the principles of the child for entire life. Two factors combined together lead to effectiveness of training of socialization in family:

  • The control that the family… (174 more words) …

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