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Cognitive Development Theory by Jean Piaget

  • Jean Piaget, Swiss psychologist, worked and carried out research on how new information is processed in a person’s mind. He conducted this study be devoting his entire life in studying the minds and behavior of infants, children and adolescents. His theory is grounded to stage approach to development.
  • He found out that infant’s behavior is regulated by his own impulses and not based on communication from others or his own perceptions. He argues that infants do not acquire knowledge from facts communicated by others, nor through sensation and perception.
  • Piaget has made an assumption that all children, if his childhood,… (62 more words) …

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Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development

Lawrence Kohlberg modified the theory of Jean Piaget along with adding up his own views to form theory of moral reasoning.

Kohlberg’s theory proposed that children develop morally stage wise in a particular order but this development does not reach its peak till 13 years of age as their cognitive development is uncompleted till that age.

The Heinz Dilemma

Kohlberg conducted research and interviews with young children to form his theory. For this, he gave certain situations of dilemmas to them and then interviewed why they thought in a certain pattern. An example of the dilemmas Kohlberg presented is as… (908 more words) …

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