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Piaget’s Stages of Cognitive Development

1st Stage Sensory-Motor Period (0 - 2 Years)

Understanding 1st Stage Sensory-Motor Period (0 - 2 Years)





Substage 1

Simple reflexes

Birth-1 month

Cognitive development at this stage is the response of child to the various forms of interactions given to him in due course.

The child sucks any object which is given or placed on his lips.

Substage 2

First habits and primary reactions

1 - 4 months

Infants try to coordinate all its actions into a single activity.

Actions of grabbing the object and sucking it will be combined by the baby.

Substage… (907 more words) …

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Piaget’s General Concepts of Cognitive Development

  • Stage: A phase of child development in which he may understand certain things and not others.
  • Schema/Scheme: A pattern or mindset of an individual which gets designed in a particular manner to think and respond.
  • Operation: The activities being carried out in mind without finding the need to do it physically. As children have to make calculations by counting on their fingers while adults can do it directly.
  • Adaptation: Accepting the external world as it is by assimilating in that environment and trying to be comfortable out there.
  • Assimilation: What a person invigilates and takes into his mind from the… (60 more words) …

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