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Comparison of Vygotsky and Piaget’s Theory

  • When the views of Vygotsky and Jean Piaget are compared, it was found that both aim to find out how the children and his abilities develop and they speak of it but the views both of them offered contrasted each other. Piaget says that a child should not be exposed to certain kind of learning unless he is cognitively developed till an appropriate age, while Vygotsky argued that society can contribute well in his development. If society does well, they can teach and develop cognitive ability in a child. Piaget said that a child develops himself but Vygotsky emphasized on… (114 more words) …

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Vygotsky’s View of Cognitive Development: Taking Culture into Account

  • Lev Vygotsky, pioneer of psychology, offers a theory contradicting to theory of Piaget for cognitive development. His views are that a person gets developed only by the external knowledge that is given to him, be it technical knowledge (use of technology and machines) or the one which affects his psychology directly. His theories were majorly criticized as he focused more on the language that was used to convey something and its impact on thought procedure of a person.
  • Basic Principles of Vygosky’s Theory
  1. Children build their own nest of knowledge.
  2. Social behavior and surroundings also impact development.
  3. A person can… (195 more words) …

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