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Howard Gardner-Multiple Intelligences

Howard Gardner’s theory is a modern theory in context of intelligence. He stated that just measuring intelligence by quantifying the marks of test is not accurate measure of intelligence. Instead he gave theory of eight different sort of intelligences which can be quantified in world in different cultures.

The eight intelligences Gardner described are

  1. Visual-spatial intelligence
  2. Verbal linguistic intelligence
  3. Bodily kinesthetic intelligence
  4. Logical mathematical intelligence
  5. Interpersonal intelligence
  6. Musical intelligence
  7. Intra personal intelligence
  8. Naturalistic intelligence

Guilford’s three-dimensional model J P Guilford gave a three dimensional model of intelligence in which he included 120 types of intelligence. For this, he built a… (171 more words) …

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Toward a More Authentic Assessment

  • The traditional system of education focused more on developing mathematical and verbal intelligences and hence focused more on measuring and evaluating only these skills. Gardner states that this evaluation system is unfair as other intelligences are not measured.
  • Teachers should focus on strength of students. In whichever field the students are intelligent, it should be developed rather than focusing on teaching new intelligences to them. They should be given mastery over their strengths.
  • Garner emphasized that evaluation pattern should be based on different sorts of intelligences so as to categorize students in them and find the potential and future prospect… (50 more words) …

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