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Multiple Intelligence

  • Reportedly, intelligence was defined as your ability of grasping any subject. This attribute can be measured and cannot be changed in life-time, though can be developed. However, different schools of thought have come upon recently with theories of intelligence.
  • One such theory of multiple intelligences is given by Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner. In his theory, he mentioned that there are different eight kinds of intelligence. He proposed the ninth one called, ‘existential intelligence’. He suggests that people must possess a wide range of intelligences in different fields of arts, commerce and psychology to get an entire view of potential of… (55 more words) …

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Using Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom

  • As Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences got accepted, it laid a difference in teaching patterns in schools. Earlier teachers and schools preferred teaching and inculcating verbal and mathematical intelligence. But after this theory, it was proved that all the intelligences need to be developed simultaneously for all round development of students. Hence, school curriculum should inculcate broad range of talents and skills.
  • Another implication that came from this theory as that teachers have to present the material being taught in such a manner that all types of intelligences are developed in the. For example while teaching about wars, teachers can… (124 more words) …

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