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Aspects of Creative Development

Creative development includes following aspects:

  • Being Creative Children can become creative if they are given opportunity to convey, share and express their thoughts and feelings about their encounters, situations, experiences and what they felt.
  • Exploring Media and Materials A child has to be given chance to explore the media and materials around it by giving him guidance and also allowing him to develop interest and satisfy his curiosity by himself.
  • Creating Music and Dance Children develop sense regarding some rhythms and recognize certain familiar sounds and with this recognition, the next step they can be taught is creation of different… (149 more words) …

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Influence of Heredity and Environment on Child Development

  • Nature vs Nurture, Heredity vs Environment, Genetic influence vs Situational influence - whatever we choose among these, a question rightly poses in our front which triggers us to find the reason why a person behaves in a particular manner, whether it is the genes that cause him to behave and develop in particular manner or is it the natural factors that form his surroundings and environment which cause him to behave in that way.
  • The nature versus nurture debate is one of the oldest debates that continue among developmentalists who argue on the point whether the person’s behavior is influenced… (200 more words) …

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