CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test) Paper-II Child-Development & Pedagogy Child Development (Primary School Child)-Individual Differences Revision (Page 1 of 2)

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What is meant by Individual Difference?

Individual differences are the facts and qualities that differentiate one person from another. Every person has different likes, dislikes, mental and psychological set up, motivations, values and intrinsic potential. No two persons are the same (they can be similar). This difference was noticed and hence this branch of psychology emerged.

Developing Sense of Racial Identity and Gender among Children

  • Students get aware of gender differences and differences and identification of races and community by the time they reach the age of 7 - 8 years. Identification of gender differences come during pre-school years when they come to know expectations from society as how to behave and what is expected from each sex. While racial discriminations are developed by the parents and surroundings of the child.
  • Social learning theorists believe that through these sources, the children get stere

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Development of Language during Childhood and Benefits of being Bilingual

  • Developing understanding and learning of language in tender age in children is necessary with continuous improvement in vocabulary, pronunciation and comprehension skills and finally developing fluency.
  • It is empirical from studies and researches that those students who are taught subjects in two languages, in their mother tongue and in English are found to have more cognitive and linguistic advantages over children learning only one language.

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