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Teacher’s Role in Upbringing Girl Child

Teachers also have an equal role for encouraging education to girls as are the role of government and non-governmental organizations.

The major idea for which the teacher has to convince parents as well as girls is to study and continue it so that she becomes confident and tries to excel her full potential and contribute to the country’s development along with creating a status for herself and her family. It

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Gender-bias as a Social Construct

Gender-bias is the belief or a norm of society of one sex being superior to the other. This social scenario has been in existence since ages and generations in India. People consider women as an inferior sex and this bias has affected her life drastically. The law considers women equal to men, but the social disparity from minds of people does not vanish.

Effects of Gender-bias

  • As it becomes a social construct, the girls and boys are also naturally affected by it. Girls think that their success in subjects as mathematics and science is due to their perseverance and boys give credit to their talent and advantage of being in that gender.
  • Also the behaviors of teachers have an influence on minds of boys and girls. If girls are being asked easier questions than boys, or
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