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Gender Role as a Social Construct

  • Gender roles have been defined all over the world, of course with some differences. In foreign countries, the disparity among genders has been narrowed than in India. In India, roles and areas of men and women are defined rigidly. Man will be the bread owner of the house and woman will take care of the house and raise children. This is because the feature of major focuses on family life in India. In India, the status of men has always been compared superior to women.
  • However, now the times are changing and also the roles of women in different classes… (95 more words) …

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Gender as a Social Construct: What is meant by Social Construct?

  • A social construction is that structure constructed by norms of society and the society people. What people think at large is reflected in such social constructions. It is not a creation of individual mind.
  • This system continuously keeps on changing and thereby, also changes the mindset of people in society. Change in one social field has impact on other too.
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