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Aims of Child Development

  1. To keep us informed normal growth of child.
  2. To help recognize abnormal child due to his unusual behavior in comparison to other children.
  3. To help us design growth and development chart of a child for certain future years based on current growth rate.
  4. To help prepare ourselves to respond to the behavior at particular age of the child to enable him progress in right direction.
  5. To acknowledge us with the fact that not all children are same absolutely, they differ in one or other cha…

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Scope of Child Development

As it reflects, the scope of child development is huge as it consists of different ages and different behavior and growth patterns in different children. So to scrutinize the study developmentalists have opted to get thorough with the study in two areas: Topical areas and age range.

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Concept of Development

  • Development takes place in a human being since he is born till the day he dies. This development has been studied scientifically which throws light upon the causes of such development. This development takes place in all arenas of life, be it physical, mental, social, educational, spiritual, or biological. A human also develops his cognitive self as well his personality over the period of time.
  • Various subjects deal requires human development as a pre-requisite for their study be it…

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