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What is Child Development?

  • Child development studies the facts behind the patterns and causes of change in children from their childhood to their adolescent age. It explains the behavior of the child along with his capabilities that develop as he grows up. For this, researchers have taken a scientific troll. They study the changes, their patterns and its stagnancy in scientific terms.
  • Majorly, this scientific study is conducted on human species. However, some non-human studies have occurred too. On whomsoever, the study may be conducted; a view is now presented stating that development is not a one time process, but a continuous process which… (3 more words) …

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Topical Areas in Child Development

This area has been studied by different researchers in their own concepts. One of them is studying Physical development of the child which includes external body growth and internal growth of brain, nervous system, muscular changes, change in the habits and requirement of food and energy as well as sleep. Other aspect of study which has been focused upon by some of the researchers is cognitive development that is changes in abilities of brain and understanding along with studying learning, memory, problem solving and intelligence. These all mental abilities affect a person’s behavior as well as his way of approaching… (306 more words) …

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