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Louis L Thurstone-Primary Mental Abilities

Psychologist Louis L. Thurstone (1887 - 1955) stated that intelligence is not a single attribute. Instead it is a combination of seven different virtues. This was contradictory to Spearman’s view. The abilities that he described were:

  • Reasoning
  • Verbal comprehension
  • Perceptual speed
  • Numerical ability
  • Word fluency
  • Associate memory
  • Spatial visualization

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Measurement of Intelligence

  • Sir Francis Galton pioneered measuring differences between individuals and he measured that on the basis of response given by the senses and their relationship in different individuals.
  • Several individual tests have been used to test intelligence.
  • French psychologists Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon developed their own scale of measurement which would measure intelligence i. e. mental quotient in children at a given age. This demonstrated how much potential a child has to learn.
  • L…

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