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Sternburg’s Triarchic Theory

How intelligence can be used to solve the problems was the area of study of Robert Sternburg. The theory deals with

  1. Analytical/componential Intelligence: The intelligence required to gain the knowledge, to decide which strategy should be used to solve the problem and intelligence required to see whether the current work is in accordance with set objectives is called analytical intelligence.
  2. Creative/experiential Intelligence: is the one which can be used for
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Intelligence is being empathetic about the world, using the resources and putting it into use effectively to give optimum returns. The abilities linked with this ability can be stated as under.

  • To be able to adjust in any environment and accept it as it is.
  • Capability to learn new things and digest it.
  • Be able to think abstractly and logically.
  • Capable of indulging and preserving relationships.
  • Ability to evaluate and
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