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Concept of Progressive Education

  • The concept of ‘progressive education’ has come up recently in the end of 19th century and beginning of 20th century. This term had been coined to suffice that all the schools develop to produce more effective and specialized personnel in the coming future. This concept has been supported by the recently enacted ‘No Child Left Behind’ educational funding act.
  • The term ‘progressive’ was involved to differentiate it from the curriculum and education pattern offered before 19th century. The earlier education was mainly differentiated for different people belonging to different economic levels and with different social statuses. The… (128 more words) …

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Concept of Child Centered Education

This concept is a modern concept. Earlier teachers were given the importance as they were on the giving end and children on receiving end but today the child has occupied the centre stage.

  • Capacities, needs and interests of child: When the system of teaching has got child-centered, it is obvious that the courses, structure, curriculum, teaching methods, extra-curricular activities are designed as per the interests and requirements of children.
  • Children-active participants: When children find the activities of learning as per their interests, they get more involved in the learning process and find learning easy and interesting. This helps students to… (112 more words) …

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