CLAT Logical-Reasoning: Questions 682 - 684 of 866

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Question number: 682

» Statement - Argument



Should latest nuclear weapons be manufactured or bought by India?


  1. Rival countries are constantly keeping a check on their weapons and hence India needs to do so to protect its freedom.

  2. This money can be used for other development programmes instead of wasting it behind weapons.

  3. If India has more of latest weapons, other countries will start considering India as their rivals and Indian trade will be affected adversely.

  4. To be non-violent is our policy which will be contradicted in case, weapons are purchased.


Choice (4) Response
a. Both argument Ⅰ & argument Ⅲ are strong.
b. Only argument Ⅲ is strong.
c. Either argument Ⅰ or argument Ⅱ is strong & both argument Ⅲ & argument Ⅳ are strong & only argument Ⅲ is strong.
d. Only argument Ⅰ is strong.

Question number: 683

» Statement - Conclusion



All trucks fly. Some scooters fly.


  1. All trucks are scooters.

  2. Some scooters do not fly.


Choice (4) Response
a. Either one of the conclusions follows.
b. All of the conclusions follow.
c. Only conclusion Ⅰ can follow.
d. None of the conclusions follow.

Question number: 684

» Statement - Assumption



Past few years has seen increase highly in air traffic in India.


  1. It is the matter of status to travel by air.

  2. Many people can pay for air travel now.


Choice (4) Response
a. Only assumption Ⅰ is implied or implict.
b. Only assumption Ⅱ is implied or implict.
c. Either one of the assumptions is implied or implicit.
d. All of the assumptions are implied or implicit.

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