CLAT Logical-Reasoning: Questions 64 - 65 of 866

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Question number: 64

» Statement - Assumption



Fascism and communism will prove to be a failure in America.


  1. America is in opinion to give every person his own rights.

  2. America is not suffering from either or deprivation.


Choice (4) Response
a. Only assumption Ⅰ is implied or implict.
b. None of the assumptions is implied or implict.
c. Either one of the assumptions is implied or implicit.
d. All of the assumptions are implied or implicit.

Question number: 65

» Statement - Argument



Should school teachers be not allowed to take their own private tuitions?


  1. Students need knowledge and help off expertise from these teachers, hence they should be allowed to take tuitions.

  2. School teachers should not be allowed to take tuitions as this will be injustice to those unemployed who are educated and earn by taking tuitions.

  3. If this step is made compulsion, this will lead to quality improvisation of education in schools.

  4. Schools teachers get requisite salary and hence they shouldn’t be allowed to take tuitions.


Choice (4) Response
a. Either argument Ⅰ or argument Ⅳ is strong & both argument Ⅱ & argument Ⅲ are strong & only argument Ⅱ is strong.
b. Both argument Ⅲ & argument Ⅳ are strong.
c. Only argument Ⅲ is strong.
d. Either argument Ⅰ or argument Ⅱ is strong & both argument Ⅲ & argument Ⅳ are strong & only argument Ⅳ is strong.

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