CLAT Logical-Reasoning: Questions 637 - 639 of 866

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Question number: 637

» Statement - Argument



Should ban be laid on continuing any profession by the legislators?


  1. If this is done, they will be able to think more about the country which will ultimately benefit the country.

  2. This way, no one would like to stand in elections.


Choice (4) Response
a. Only argument Ⅰ is strong.
b. None of the arguments is strong.
c. Only argument Ⅱ is strong.
d. Either one of the arguments is strong.

Question number: 638

» Statement - Course of Action

Course of Action▾


India stands in middle phase of its demographic transition in which its population is continuously rising since past 50 years as due to medical advancement, the mortality rate is constantly declining along with decline in fertility in last 20 years.


  1. India should take steps of revising its family planning programme.

  2. The step should include programming through mass media the alarming rate of increase in population by the Government.


Choice (4) Response
a. Only action Ⅰ follows.
b. Only action Ⅱ follows.
c. Either one of the actions follows.
d. All of the actions follow.

Question number: 639

» Statement - Assumption



The commutators have not complained though poor services were offered.


  1. Usually, poor services are not tolerated by people.

  2. Services are improved if complaints are received.


Choice (4) Response
a. Only assumption Ⅰ is implied or implict.
b. All of the assumptions are implied or implicit.
c. Either one of the assumptions is implied or implicit.
d. Only assumption Ⅱ is implied or implict.

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