CLAT Logical-Reasoning: Questions 45 - 47 of 866

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Question number: 45

» Statement - Conclusion



Risk is involved in our security investments, as for which you should consult an agent or investment advisor before investing.


  1. Investment should not be done in securities.

  2. The investment advisor calculates the market risk with certainty


Choice (4) Response
a. Either one of the conclusions follows.
b. All of the conclusions follow.
c. Only conclusion Ⅱ can follow.
d. None of the conclusions follow.

Question number: 46

» Cause and Effect


Statement Ⅰ

Decision of giving no loans to farmers with immediate effect has been taken by local cooperative credit society.

Statement Ⅱ

Many members of the credit society have withdrawn their money from the society.


Choice (4) Response
a. Both statements- Ⅰ & Ⅱ are effects of a common cause
b. Statement-Ⅱ is the cause and statement-Ⅰ is its effect
c. Both statements- Ⅰ & Ⅱ are independent causes
d. Both statements- Ⅰ & Ⅱ are effects of some independent causes

Question number: 47

» Statement - Assumption



Let Rajan begin the activities as the per the instructions if he has read and understood them.


  1. Rajan would be able to understand instructions.

  2. Rajan will be able to do the activities.


Choice (4) Response
a. Only assumption Ⅱ is implied or implict.
b. None of the assumptions is implied or implict.
c. Only assumption Ⅰ is implied or implict.
d. All of the assumptions are implied or implicit.

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