CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) Legal-Aptitude Legal Terms Revision (Page 57 of 67)

Standard of Proof

Degree required to prove your point in case. In civil cases, plaintiff has prove his point. They may be ‘preponderance of evidence’ or ‘clear and convincing evidence’.


The legal right to file a case. Only one who has got some damage can file a suit.

Status Offenders

Youths those are disobedient and not on correct path i. e. they are beyond control of their guardians require supervision.

Statute of Frauds

A statutory requirement of having written contracts.

Statute of Limitations

A law which states that a plaintiff can file a suit only within a stipulated time period after the occurrence of incident with him and not after that.


Legislative introduction of act by one body or many bodies together.

Statutory Construction

Process of a court to know the meaning and area of law.

Statutory Law

Laws formed by Congress and State Legislatures.

Statutory Research

Research of law propalgated by a State or the United States.

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