CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) Legal-Aptitude Legal Terms Revision (Page 54 of 67)

Secured Debts

Debtor while taking loan if gives some security to the creditor, it is known as secured loan.

Securities an Exchange Commission (SEC)

An agency dealing with securities industry.


The argument that an act was necessary to defend oneself, which is otherwise termed criminal act.

Self-Incrimination, Privilege Against

Witnesses can choose not to give testimony in the court. This right is provided by the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution.

Self-Proving Will

A will which doesn’t needs to be proved is real as the witnesses give an affidavit stating the proper disposal as per will prior to the maker’s death.

Sentence Report

A report which is given to the judge before he makes final judgement, regarding the background of defendant.


The punishment given by the court to a convict for his crime.



Sequestration of Witnesses

Keeping all witnesses out of the courtroom and not allow to discuss their testimony with each other.

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