CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) Legal-Aptitude Legal Terms Revision (Page 49 of 67)


A duty formed by law when any agreement or contract does not exist without any expression or intention to do so.

Quasi-Criminal Action

Such actions, though are violation of rules are not punishable through jail but through fines as they are wrongs against the public.

Quiet Title Action

A court proceeding to set a correct title to real property.

Quit claim Deed

A deed with any title, which may pass as per what grantor has passed.

Re-Direct Examination

A chance to submit rebuttal evidence after the evidence has been cross-examined.

Real Property

Any property affixed to land, is known as real property or real estate.

Reasonable Doubt

An accused person has an opportunity to prove himself right if the jury or judge haven’t found any guilt beyond a reasonable doubt

Reasonable Person

A hypothetical person, not in existence, which the society requires to benefit himself and others and protect their interests with the qualitites attention, knowledge; intelligence, and judgement that he has. Such a person comes to mind when a person does something wrong or what a reasonable person wouldn’t have done.

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