CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) Legal-Aptitude Legal Terms Revision (Page 45 of 67)


The written statements of fact and law given by the parties to the case for the suit.

Pocket Parts

Supplements to law books in brochure format inserted behind the back cover of book as in a handy format to be kept in pocket.

Polling the jury

The process in which every juror individually is asked if they are content with the jury decision/judgement.

Post mortem

Post death.


Processes carried after the trial.

Pour-over Will

A will which mentions to disposes off some or all property to a trust which was established before the will-maker’s death.


Authority to do something. Authority comes when one gets to be of legal age or when someone confers it on the person such as power of attorney.


Decisions to be repeated in similar cases as per law.


Court order permitting or denying certain action till the court gives judgement.

Preliminary Hearing

A hearing conducted by a judge to know and decide whther trial needs to be conducted on the defendant.

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