CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) Legal-Aptitude Legal Terms Revision (Page 36 of 67)


A legal burden on property.

Limited Jurisdiction

Such courts which are limited to hear only certain types of cases and not all.


A party in a case.


A case in court.

Living Trust

A trust affected by and maintained by the grantor in his lifetime.

Loose-Leaf Services

Loose-leaf replacement pages given in a book by a publisher in rapid occurring changes in laws.


A legal authoritative person in charge of functions of judge.


Committing an action which is unlawful.

Malicious Prosecution

An action committed to hurt defendant in response to his act which goes against the plaintiff who has filed the suit.


Any professional misconduct.


An act of killing someone unlawfully without any intention to do it either due to sudden arousal of this feeling or involuntarily.


The executive officer in court.

Martindale-Hubbell Law

Volumes published containing names, addresses, Director specialties, and rating of United States lawyers. It also contains laws of State and foreign.

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