CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) Legal-Aptitude Legal Terms Revision (Page 32 of 67)

Intentional Tort

A person violating a law with an intention to do so.



Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

The agency of law managing tax laws in US.


A set questions asked to the party concerned with the case to bring out information about the case.

Interstate Commerce (ICC)

An agency of law responsible for interstate transportation.


If a third party is affected by filing of law, he can be a party to the case.

Involuntary Bankruptcy

Proceeding done forcefully by creditors to declare debtor insolvent.


The argued upon and undecided point in a case or to issue an order.

Joint Tenancy

Two persons co-owning a property. On death of one, the property transfers entirely to the other. He becomes sole owner of the property.

Joint and Several Liability

A legal doctrine that states that all the parties causing harm are to make up for the damages. If not, then one partner has to reimburse on behalf of all.

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