CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) Legal-Aptitude Legal Terms Revision (Page 30 of 67)


The entry of foreigners in a land to settle permanently.


Grant by the court which guarantees that no harm will be caused to the person acting eye-witness to criminal case.

Impeachment of a Witness

Questioning reliability of witness through a evidence against him


A criminal trial against a public official,

Implied Contract

A contract which need not be expressed. It is directive from law.


That evidence which cannot be presented in court as per law.


Lacking ability to act legally.


Imprisonment in a jail or penitentiary.


One who is unable to manage himself and his affairs.

Independent Executor

A special kind of executor performing duties of an executor without court’s intervention as per law.

Indeterminate Sentence

A sentence of imprisonment which does not say a specific period. After a minimum period has been served, the parole will decide the period.

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