CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) Legal-Aptitude Legal Terms Revision (Page 3 of 67)

Admissible Evidence

That evidence which can be legally produced in the court of law.


Advise or caution from the court of law to the defendant.

Advance Sheets

Paperback pamphlets containing reporter cases, along with page number and volume number, published by law book publishers weekly or monthly.

Adversary Proceeding

The court of law having both the parties in a case to bring the case to a bankruptcy proceeding.

Adverse Possession

Retaining real property under certain conditions for statutory period.

Aequitas legem sequitur

Equity follows the law.


The person who makes and subscribes an affidavit.


A voluntary, written, or printed declaration of facts on dictation by the person himself to him who can administer such oath.


Another document stating truth of an affidavit is true.

Affirmative Defense

Any positive defence raised by the defendant in answer to the complaint which can be a proof of negligence or law of estoppel. Insanity, or self defence may be used in criminal cases.

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