CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) Legal-Aptitude Legal Terms Revision (Page 23 of 67)

Elements of a Crime

The factors which force the court to try a case on crime when it is proved that the crime has actually happened, the convict had intention to commit that crime and there was a timely relation among the above two factors.

Eminent Domain

The government can condemn private property for public purpose.

En Banc

Usually in appellate courts, a case is heard by three judges together off the dozen judges present in the court. If all the judges hear the case, it is called en banc.


A book/s containing citations for certain information arranged alphabetically.


An order issued by court to an individual to curb some practice or task.


A person or legally recognized organization.


Act of causing a person to commit crime so that charge is conducted against him.


A decision of court to be placed in the court record.


The conditions which affect the value of a property. Its preservation action is taken by Environmental Protection (EPA). It also affects people’s life

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