CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) Legal-Aptitude Legal Terms Revision (Page 16 of 67)

Comparative Negligence

Measuring the amount of negligence of the defendant in percentage, and then attributing the damage caused to that percent of negligence to decide the amount of recovery by the plaintiff.


The party/person who makes a court case.


The legal document stating what case the court has to take and a written complaint that person has committed criminal action.


In this the parties bring their case to a third party who is neutral and he brings the judgement over both of them. It resemble medication except that this is less formal

Concurrent Sentences

All the statements of crime are to be given together and not individually.


The legal process in which government buys land from private owners for public purpose.

Conformed Copy

An exact copy of a document which proves that the documents or evidences have not been created but original

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