CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) Legal-Aptitude Legal Terms Revision (Page 13 of 67)

Change of Venue

Transferring a case to other place for trial.

Charge to the Jury

The judge giving instruction to the jury on which laws is the case based.


A personal property.

Chief Judge

Presiding judge in a court.


Parent’s kid.


Arranged in a sequential order of happenings.

Circumstantial Evidence

Includes all evidences except eye witness.


A writ ordering a person to be present on a given time and place in the court with a written reference to legal authorities, precedents, reported cases, etc. , in brief.


A book reporting decisions of precious cases in form of abbreviations or words

Civil Action

An action taken to preserve civil rights of an individual.

Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB)

A board responsible to regulate civil air industry in US as well as internationally.

Civil Law is mentioned in written codes or laws.

Civil Procedure

The total process of trail of a civil case, whether it is its preparation, evidences, hearing and conducting trials.

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