CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) Legal-Aptitude Legal Terms Revision (Page 10 of 67)

Bill of Particulars

A statement of the details of the charge made against the defendant.

Bind Over

If the judicial official believes that the defendant has committed crime he will be held for trial either in jail or on bail.


(See Bail Bond) A written agreement signed by the person that will pay an insured sum if he does not abide by a particular duty.


Suspect is given under process of photographing, fingerprinting, and recording identifying data. This can be followed by process of arrest.

Bound Supplement

A supplement to a book/s to update the service bound in permanent form.

Breach of Contract

Non-performance of a duty at the time of performing it.


The breaking of promise by a person to individual or public as per law.


This is the memorandum of la which is generally of the format containing facts of case, laws for such case and the sections under which the act is punishable under such laws.

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