CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) Legal-Aptitude Legal Maxims Revision (Page 8 of 37)

Custos morum

One who guards morals.

Damnum sine injuria

Damage caused without causing harm legally.

De bonis asportatis

Of goods carried away.

De bonis non administratis

Of goods unadministered.

De die in diem

On every day basis.

De facto


De futuro

In the future.

De integro

In totality.

De jure

Rightful, by right.

De minimis lex non curat

The law disregards trifling matters.

De novo

Starting a new start.

Debile fundamentum fallit opus

The weak base causes building to fall.

Debita sequuntur personam debitoria

Debts follow the debtor.

Debitor non praesumitur donare

That a debtor can gift cannot be presumed by law.

Debitum et contractus sunt nullius loci

Debt and contract are contradictory to each other.

Debitum in praesenti, solvendum in futuro

A present debt has to cleared off in future.

Delegata potestas non potest delegari

An authority once delegated cannot be re-delegated.

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