CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) Legal-Aptitude Legal Maxims Revision (Page 36 of 37)

Transit terra cum onere

The land gets transfer along with the burden upon it.

Ubi eadem ratio ibi idem jus, et de similibus idem est judicium

Same judgement should be given to similar cases with similar causes and same situations.

Ubi jus ibi remedium est

A right task always has justice to it.

Ubi non est principalis, non potest esse accessorius

No accessory exists in absence of principal.

Ubi nullum matrimonium, ibi nulla dos es

Unmarried does not has any dower.

Ultima voluntas testatoris est perimplenda secundum veram intentionem suam

The final will of a person has to be written with his true intentions.

Ut poena ad paucos, metus ad omnes, perveniat

If few people are punished, all will be affected.

Utile per inutile non vitiatur

Useful object cannot be overpowered by useless thing.

Verba chartarum fortius accipiuntur contra preferentem

The speech of action by a person is accepted easily and strongly against who is offering them.

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