Salus populi est suprema lex

The safety of the people is the major concern of law.





Scire facias

Reason you have the knowledge of.

Scribere est agere

Anything written is expressedly done.

Se defendendo

Defending oneself.


The legal position is different, it is otherwise.

Semper praesumitur pro legitimatione puerorum

Presumption is made for everything that is beneficial for children.

Semper pro matriomonio praesumitur

Marriage makes possible presumption of everything.

Sententia interlocutoria revocari potest, definitiva non potest

Final order cannot be revoked unlike interlocutory order.

Servitia personalia sequuntur personam

A person is followed by his given services.

Sic utere tuo ut alienum non laedas

Do not harm property of others, use your own.

Simplex commendatio non obligat

A simple recommendation is not binding.

Stare decisis

To remain firm by decisions (precedents).

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