CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) Legal-Aptitude Legal Maxims Revision (Page 33 of 37)

Ratio est legis anima, mutata legis ratione mutatur et lex

The cause of act is soul of law. When it changes, the law also changes.


In the matter of.

Reprobata pecunia leberat solventem

The debtor has no debt if he is refused to take money.

Res gestae

Completion of work.

Res integra

Untouched decision.

Res inter alios acta alteri nocere non debet

Any contract made between two parties should not affect a stranger, the third party.

Res judicata accipitur pro veritate

Truth is what is adjudged.

Res nulis

Property without an owner.



Respondeat superior

Let the principal answer.

Rex est major singulis, minor universis

The King is rules over a person but serves people.

Rex non debet judicare sed secundum legem

The King should judge as per law.

Rex non potest peccare

The King is always right.

Rex nunquma moritur

The King is immortal.

Rex quod injustum est facere non potest

The King always does just things.

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