CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) Legal-Aptitude Legal Maxims Revision (Page 30 of 37)

Per curiam

The court’s opinion.

Per quod

The cause.


By threatening.

Prima facie

On the front.

Prima impressionis

First impression.

Pro hac vice

For the particular event.

Pro rata


Pro tanto

Till this extent.

Pro tempore


Publici juris

Public right.


The question is aroused.


Quantitative amount.

Qui facit per alium, facit per se

One who takes help of other to act, acts himself.

Qui haeret in litera, haeret in cortice

One who strongly claims the latter, sticks to the bark.

Qui in utero est, pro jam nato habetur, quoties de ejus commodo quaeritur

When it is beneficial, an unborn child in womb will be considered as born.

Qui non habet potestatem alienandi, habet necessitatem retinendi

One who cannot leave it, has to accept it.

Qui non habet, ille non dat

One who does not have something, cannot give it.

Qui non improbat, approbat

A person not disagreeing, means he agrees.

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