CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) Legal-Aptitude Legal Maxims Revision (Page 3 of 37)

Ambiguitas contra stipulatorem est

Party trying ambiguity himself gets entangled in it.

Ambiguitas verborum patens nulla verificatione excluditur

A patent ambiguity is never helped by averment.

Amicus curiae

A friend of the court who believes in its well being and truth.

Angliae jura in omni casu libertati dant favorem

England laws favour liberty.

Animo furandi

With an intention of stealing.

Animo testandi

With an intention of making a will.

Annus luctus

The year of mourning.

Arbitrium est judicium

The award by the court is its final judgement.

Arbor dum crescit; lignum cum crescere nescit

Trees grow, wood cannot.

Argumentum ab auctoritate fortissimum est in lege

Any argument made by an authorized person is believed the most strong argument.

Argumentum ab impossibilii plurimum valet in lege

Any argument which comes from ground of impossibility is very strong in law.

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