CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) Legal-Aptitude Legal Maxims Revision (Page 2 of 37)

Actus reus

A guilty deed or act.

Ad perpetuam rei memoriam

For a perpetual memorial of the matter.

Ad quaestionem facti non respondent judices; ad quaestionem legis non respondent juratores

The judges is not answerable to what is a fact, the jury is not answerable to what is stated in law.

Aedificare in tuo proprio solo non licet quod alteri noceat

To benefit self by harming others is unlawful.

Aequitas nunquam contravenit legem

Equity never goes against the law.


At another place, elsewhere.

Alienatio rei praefertur juri accrescendi

Law prefers alienation to accumulation.


From elsewhere, or, from a different source.

Allegans contraria non est audiendus

A person making opposing statements time and again shouldn’t be heard.

Allegans suam turpitudinem non est audiendus

One alleging his own infamy is not to be heard.

Allegatio contra factum non est admittenda

An allegation which opposes a deed shouldn’t be heard.

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