Haeres legitimus est quem nuptiae demonstrant

Lawful heir is determined by marriage.

Homo vocabulum est naturae; persona juris civilis

Nature terms man, law terms person.

Id est (i. e. )

That is.

Id quod commune est, nostrum esse dicitur

Common thing belongs to all.

Idem nihil dicere et insufficienter dicere est

Saying incomplete is same as saying nothing.


That very person or thing.

Ignorantia facti excusat, ignorantia juris non excusat

Law excuses ignorance of fact not law.

Imperium in imperio

A sovereignty within a sovereignty.

Impotentia excusat legem

Law considers impossibility as excuse.

Impunitas semper ad deteriora invitat

Impunity always leads to greater crimes.

In Anglia non est interregnum

In England there is no interregnum.

In aequali jure melior est conditio possidentis

The possessor is better when both parties have same rights.

In alta proditione nullus potest esse acessorius; sed principalis solum modo

In high treason, only principal exists and no accessory.

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