Fictio cedit veritati; fictio juris non est, ubi veritas Fiction yields to truth.

Fiction of law is absent where truth prevails.

Fides servanda est

Preserve good faith.

Fieri facias (abreviated fi. fa. )

The reason of doin it.

Filiatio non potest probari

Proof cannot be given against filiation.

Firmior et potentior est operatio legis quam dispositio hominis

The law functions more firmly than person’s will.

Forma legalis forma essentialis est

Legal form is essential form.

Fortior est custodia legis quam hominis

Law’s custody is stronger than that of man.

Fractionem diei non recipit lex

The law disregards time of fraction of a day.

Fraus est celare fraudem

To hide a fraud is fraud.

Fraus est odiosa et non praesumenda

Fraud cannot be presumed by law.

Fraus et jus nunquam cohabitant

Fraud and justice never go together.

Fructus naturales

Vegetation growing naturally without cultivation.

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