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PRINCIPLE: An agreement includes an offer and an acceptance accompanied by a consideration. Consideration must be lawful and carrying some value in the eyes of law. Void agreements are devoid of consideration.

FACTS: Bina told her husband to drop her to the office in the evening as she was being late to the office every day and spoiling her impression in front of her new boss. The husband of Bina agreed to do this the next morning. However, he got late for the office and couldn’t drop her resulting into her being extremely late the same morning. This lowered her reputation in front of the new boss and she was finally removed from office. Bina sued her husband for not dropping her. Decide.


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There was an offer from Bina which was accepted by her husband. The necessary terms of an agreement have been fulfilled and an agreement has come into place.


As a consideration, dropping to office has no value in the eyes of law. Hence, the agreement is void.


Bina may sue her husband but will not be granted any relief as Court does not award penalty in such matters.


There is no consideration in the present case. Hence, due to absence of consideration, no agreement has come into play

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Bina did not pay a consideration to her husband in the present case and all agreements without consideration are void. Had Bina paid a consideration to her husband for his act of dropping her to the office, a valid agreement could have been coming into picture. Pursuant to the absence of the same, she can have no claim against her husband and the agreement stands void.

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