Law: Nature and Classification (CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) Legal-Aptitude): Questions 101 - 101 of 168

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Question number: 101

» Law: Nature and Classification

Appeared in Year: 2013



PRINCIPLE: In order to be eligible to appear in the semester examination, a student is required to attend, under all circumstances, at least 70 % of the total classes held in that semester as per University rules.

FACTS: Anand, an economically poor but a very brilliant student of LLB final semester, while going to his university by cycle received some leg injuries in road accident. Consequently, Anand could not attend his classes for one week as he was advised rest his doctor for that period. Due to this absence from the university, Anand failed to have 70 % attendance essential to appear in the examination and therefore, he was debarred from appearing in the examination by the university authorities. Anand challenges this decision in the court of law.


Choice (4) Response


Anand will succeed as requirement of 70 % attendance may be declared arbitrary and therefore, unreasonable by the court of law


Anand will not succeed as he could very easily fulfil eligibility criteria for appearing in the examination by being reasonably regular in the class throughout the semester


Anand will definitely get favor of the court on humanitarian ground as he comes from an economically poor family and may not afford to take readmission


Anand will succeed in the court of law as the accident was beyond his control

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