Criminal Law (CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) Legal-Aptitude): Questions 45 - 45 of 88

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Question number: 45

» Criminal Law



PRINCIPLE: Extortion is a crime in criminal law. Whoever, intentionally puts any person in fear of any injury to that person, or to any other, and thereby dishonestly induces the person so put in fear to deliver to any person any property of valuable security, or anything signed or sealed which may be converted into a valuable security, commits ‘extortion’.

FACTS: Suresh, an indifferent man due to a psychological disorder, was a dealer in jewels. He used to deal in the same from his home and had been involved in the business for a long while now. One day, when he was sitting with his maid in the house, a hooligan dropped in and after placing a knife across the maid’s neck, threatened to cut it off if Suresh did not give him a valuable part of his jewelry collection. On this, Suresh acted like he was scared and ran out of the house. Has extortion been committed here?


Choice (4) Response


No, Suresh acted like he was scared. He was never really scared and put in fear. No extortion has been committed.


No, Suresh did not give him any valuable security. No extortion has been committed.


Yes, Suresh ran to get some part of his jewelry collection to give to the hooligan as he was scared.


Yes, Suresh was put into fear by the act of the hooligan of placing a knife across neck of maid.

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