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Question number: 13

» Contract Law

Appeared in Year: 2013



PRINCIPLE: If the object of an agreement is or becomes unlawful or immoral or opposed to public policy in the eyes of law, then the courts will not enforce such agreements. Law generally prohibits Child labor.

Facts: P enters into an agreement with T by which P has to let his house to T for two years and T has to pay Rs. 20000.00 per month to P as rent. T starts a child care center in that house. But after some time in order to earn some money for the maintenance of the center, T starts sending the children of the center on the rotation basis to work for four hours a day in some nearby chemical and hazardous factories. When P comes to know about this new development, he asks T either to stop the children from working in factories or to leave his house immediately. T neither agrees to leave the house nor to stop the children from working in the factories. P files a suit in the court of law for appropriate relief/action.


Choice (4) Response


P cannot succeed as the agreement was for the two years and it cannot be terminated before the expiry of that period


P cannot succeed as the object at the time of making of the agreement was not clear


P will succeed as the object of the agreement has become unlawful.


P will not succeed if T agrees to share the wages of the children with P

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