CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education- Board Exam) Class-12 Business-Studies: Questions 399 - 404 of 442

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Question number: 399

» Consumer Protection » Comsumer Awareness

Short Answer Question▾

Write in Short

Enumerate any two qualities of a good Salesman.

Question number: 400

» Principle's of Management » Principle of Management

Appeared in Year: 2012

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

Choice of channels of distribution depends on various factors. Explain any four factors which affect the choice of channels of distribution.


Following factors that determine choice of channels of distribution

(1) Product type: - Choice of distribution is based on type of product. The product is consumable and non-consumable. If product is consumable then short channels should be used rather than long. If product has low unit value then longer channel are desired.

(2) Characteristi

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Question number: 401

» Nature and Significance of Management » Management as Science

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

Despite internal sources of recruitment being economical why do companies not always use this source? State any five reasons.


The Companies do not always use internal Sources of recruitment despite of them being economical because of the following reasons:

(i) It is not complete source so no organization internal sources offer limited choice.

(ii) The employees become tired if there are time bound promotions.

(iii) Competition the employees may not advantage.


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Question number: 402

» Organising » Structure of Organization

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

Distinguish between Functional and Divisional organizational structure on the following basis:

i. Formation

ii. Managerial development

iii. Responsibility

iv. Suitability


Distinguish between Functional and Divisional organizational structure

In detail Distinguish between Functional and Divisional organizational structure





It is based on Functions

It is based on product lines

Managerial Development

functional manager has to report to the manager

multiple functions help in managerial development

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Question number: 403

» Planning » Concept, Importance and Limitations

Appeared in Year: 2012

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

Describe the relationship between ’panning and ‘controlling’.


  • Planning and controlling are related functions of management. Planning refers to the psychological process of thinking and deciding what is to be done and how it is to be done.
  • So, planning decides the objectives achieved and course of action to be followed. Controlling refers to the process of managing and evaluating the work.
  • The various ob

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Question number: 404

» Management and Business Environment » Business Environment

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

‘Various tools of communication are used by the marketers to promote their products. ’ Answer the following questions:

a) Why do companies use all tools at the same time?

b) Name and explain the most commonly used non-personal tool of promotion which is paid for by the marketer.

c) Which tool of promotion will primarily be used for the following?

i) To promote or protect a company’s image or its individual products.

ii) An existing product meant for mass usage by literate people.

iii) To introduce a new product to a particular class of people through door-to-door visits.


(a) The companies use all tools at same time its reason is given below: -

  1. the nature of market
  2. nature of product
  3. Promotion budget and purposes of promotion being different at different times.

(b) Some tool of promotion it is paid for through marketer. The explanation include to paid and non-personal form having a recognized backer to prom

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