CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education- Board Exam) Class-12 Business-Studies: Questions 166 - 173 of 442

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Question number: 166

» Directing » Elements of Directing » Leadership

One Liner Question▾

Write in Brief

‘A good leader does not wait for opportunities but creates them. ’ Which quality of a good leader is highlighted by this statement.

Question number: 167

» Planning » Single Use and Standing Plans

One Liner Question▾

Write in Brief

In which type of plan the sequence of activities to complete a job is determined?

Question number: 168

» Financial Management » Financial Decisions

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

Are the share holders of a company likely to gain with a debt component in the capital employed? Explain with the help of an example?


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Question number: 169

» Nature and Significance of Management » Concept of Management

One Liner Question▾

Write in Brief

Managerial activities are performed in all types of organisations in all departments and at all levels. Which management character is highlighted here?

Question number: 170

» Consumer Protection » Consumer Protection Act 1988 » Who Can File?

One Liner Question▾

Write in Brief

Saroj wants to file a complaint where the value of goods or services in question along with the compensation claimed amounts to 25 lakhs.

Question number: 171

» Consumer Protection » Concept and Importance of Consumer Protection

One Liner Question▾

Write in Brief

Mention when as a consumer you are not in a position to resolve your grievance under consumer protection act.

Question number: 172

» Staffing » Staffing Process

One Liner Question▾

Write in Brief

What is pre requisite of selection?


Name the concept related to searching for prospective candidates.

Question number: 173

» Nature and Significance of Management » Management as Science

One Liner Question▾

Write in Brief

A company’s target production is 5000 units in a year, to achieve this target the manager has to operate in double shifts due to power failure. The manager is able to meet the target but at a higher production cost. Is the manager efficient or effective?

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